IRCTC Buddha Varanasi Travel Train takes you to the holy city of Varanasi which also goes by the name Banaras and Kashi. According to Legend Buddha set the wheel of dharma in motion here by giving his first sermon. The city has been patronized by many emperors supporting different doctrines and cultures including Adi Shankar who worshipped Shiva, Akbar who built two big temples dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu.

There are many dams near the river with stair steps on which pilgrims perform many rituals included in Varanasi Buddhist Tour and Travel. Famous among them is the ritual of bathing in the water to absolve oneself of one’s sins. Most Hindus believe that dying in this city will emancipate them from the cycle of life. All the ghats are covered

Buddha Varanasi Travel Train and Varanasi Buddha Palace Travel also take you to various forts and temples with open courtyards, picturesque pavilions and balustrades. Below are the places

Varanasi by Buddhist Tour in India:

Varanasi Pilgrimage Tour: Tibetan Temple

The Tibetan Temple in Varanasi by Buddhist tour in India is a pinnacle of Buddhism. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and has Buddha in a resting position. It is famous for its Buddhist paintings and frescoes which are laden on walls and ceilings. In most Buddhist temples the prayers are offered using prayer wheels, and the same is seen here. Pilgrims have to rotate the prayer wheel clockwise, and they can receive their chants on the paper scrolls as they turn. The colour scheme of the shrine and the idol placed on it is different from golden and orange we usually see as Buddha is seen wearing a red robe and the curved roof and the pillars are black and green respectively in this venerated Varanasi Buddhist Temple.

Varanasi Pilgrimage Tour:- Chaukhandi Stupa

Chaukhandi Stupa is one of the most magnificent structures to be made during the Buddhist era in Varanasi and is considered to be somewhat of a palace covered by Varanasi Buddhist Palace Travel. It is easy to spot and is made where Buddha met his first five disciples to whom he later helped become ascetics. It has six brick bases each of which is smaller than the previous one and one towering hexagonal structure with doors and windows on each side. It is made over burial mounds and is as iconic as the Varanasi Buddhist Temple. Buddha Varanasi Travel trains pass from here during Varanasi Buddhist tour and travel.

Varanasi Pilgrimage Tour: Ashoka Pillar

The Ashoka Pillar in Varanasi is a vast site with shrines strewn everywhere and the mighty Ashoka Pillar standing in One Corner. During his reign, King Ashoka erected many such pillars throughout the country although with different inscriptions depending on the culture in the region. The one in Varanasi reads ‘No one shall cause division in the order of the monks.’ There are four lions perched on top which symbolize the four directions Ashoka ruled, and the wheels are a symbol of his tolerant rule. Another explanation a more religious one attributes it as a canopy which contains inverted lotus in the bell shape. It will take you at least one hour to explore and learn about its historical significance thoroughly.

Varanasi Pilgrimage Tour: Thai Temple

Varanasi by Buddhist tour in India takes you to Thai Temple in Varanasi. It is preserved and looked after by Thai monks. The pagoda style of architecture has prominent tiers and eaves which add to the serene vibe of the place. It is a well known Varanasi Buddhist Temple.