Lumbini in Nepal is the Birthplace of Lord Buddha. Lumbini is located very close to the Border of India, A few kilometers away from Kathmandu. The nearest Airport is in Bhairahawa, where one can reach by road. The site now is developed as Buddhist Pilgrimage centre where archaeological remains of Lord Buddha are still there. This sacred place has many Buddhist monasteries, monuments, museums etc. The Famous Maya Devi Temple is a prominent pilgrimage site in the Lumbini Garden. The temple is dedicated to the Queen Mayadevi (Mother of Lord Buddha). There is a sacred pond in this temple known as Pushkarini where Buddha’s Mother took a bath prior to his birth as a ritual. And also the newly born Prince took his first bath in this pond only. There is a very peaceful atmosphere in and around the temple but the photography inside the temple is strictly restricted. There are several paintings and stones carved with Buddha’s name and his teachings engraved on it.

Another wonderful tourist attraction is The Ashokan Pillar. It is one of the most prominent monuments and the oldest inscription found in Nepal. It is made up of pink sandstone and is 6 meters tall. It was built by the Indian Emperor Ashoka in 3rd Century B.C. It also commemorate Ashoka’s visit to this holy place. Emperor Ashoka is widely believed to be the first ruler to accept Buddhism. He adapted the teachings of Buddha which are very famous and known as The Four Noble Truths. The pillar stands next to the Mayadevi Temple. The script written on pillar is in Brahmi. To preserve the pillar it has now been surrounded by small fence. The devotees and tourists can light incense sticks and meditate there. Some other tourist attractions in Lumbini are Myanmar Golden Temple, World Peace Pagoda, China Temple, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar and Lumbini Museum.

Myanmar Golden Temple is a magnificent structure. The golden architecture is simple yet gorgeous. It is built in honor of Lord Buddha. There are three prayer halls and also has residential complex for pilgrims.

World Peace Pagoda is also known as Bishwa Shanti Stupa. This place has its own charm. The peace you can obtain from this place is surely incomparable. Wonderful view of nature and chirping of birds makes this place unique. We can just view the surroundings and experience peace. This place is completely free from pollution.It was built by Japanese.

China Temple is an elegant monastery with its breathtaking structure. It is a complex of meditation cells and prayer rooms.

Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar belongs to Tibetans. Every morning around 60 monks who reside here conduct a special prayer (Tara Puja). At the end of September month around 2000 monks get together for a special prayer for 10 days. And Mahakala puja is done in mid December.

Lumbini Museum is dedicated to The Great Lord Buddha. It has several paintings, photos of different Buddhist sites and collection of artifacts. The museum possesses sculptures and religious manuscripts. Thousands of devotees and tourists are interested in Buddhism and are very keen to know more about this religion so this is a must visit place. Lumbini is also famous for several bird species found in its farmland. Guest can relish yummy foods available on roadside dhabas. And there are plenty of lodges, guest houses for stay available with basic amenities because only monasteries can be built here. No fancy restaurants, hotels or shops can be constructed here. A Traveler should wear clothing that expresses respect and must preserve tranquility of the holy place. Kindly do not climb on sacred objects and statues. Be ready to remove your shoes everywhere so better put slippers.The trip to Lumbini will truly be a peaceful and spiritual experience.