Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train


1. FIT/GIT Bookings:

  • a) Up to 45 Days prior to scheduled day of departure: 25% of the package cost at the time of confirming the booking along with names.
  • b) Balance payment at least 31 days prior to the scheduled day of departure: i.e. 75% of the package cost.

2. In case of full train/Charter Booking (i.e. booking of the full train for a scheduled departure or for a modified/different itinerary during season or any booking outside the announced departures):

  • a) The entire payment in one go at time of booking or
  • b) 120 Days prior to Departure: 50% of the package cost (without any deduction of commission) at the time of confirming the booking.
  • c) 119 to 90 Days prior to Departure: Next 20% (without any deduction of commission) i.e. cumulative 70% of the package cost.
  • d) 89 to 60 Days prior to Departure: Balance payment (After deducting applicable commission as per slab).
  • e) Naming list needs to be submitted 60 days prior to departure for the purpose of insurance, off board services, berth allotment etc.

3. Common points for Payment Terms

Partial Journey of minimum 03 Nights stay is allowed and charges will be on Prorata Basis.

Important Notes:-

  • a) IRCTC reserves the right of accepting/not accepting any booking at any time without specifying any reason.
  • b) The booking will be deemed to be confirmed only when 25% of the package cost for the FIT / GIT and 50% for the Full Train / Charter bookings has been paid to IRCTC.
  • c) In case of USD deposit the amount may be deposited through bank transfer.
  • d) IRCTC has introduced INR as well as USD Package Rates for season 2024-25, the party has the option to make payment in any of the two Package Rates options.
  • e) In case of USD Package Rates the amount in INR should be credited in our account as per the Rate of Exchange ( ROE ) of the previous day of the day of the date of transfer of the amount. The RBI website ROE to be honoured (http://www.rbi.org.in/ ).
  • f) Child below 5 Years without a berth, sharing berth with the parents is complimentary & child aged between 5 – 12 Years shall be charged 50% of the package rate in a exclusive berth.


Following cancellation charges will be payable: (For any cancellation days are counted excluding the date of departure)

1. In case of FIT’s / GIT:

  • a) 45 Days and above prior to departure: 10% of package cost
  • b) 44 to 15 Days prior to departure: 25% of package cost
  • c) 14 to 7 Days prior to departure: 50% of package cost
  • d) 7 and less Days prior to departure: 100% of package cost

2. In case of Full Train Charter Booking:

  • a) Cancellation charges equal to 50% of the amount deposited till the date of cancellation (up to 30 days prior to departure) will be levied.
  • b) Less than 30 Days prior to departure: 100% of the amount deposited.

3. Change in details will be treated as cancelled and would invite cancellation charges as applicable. However, IRCTC retains the right to refuse/permit name changes at last moment/short notice (less than 30 days).

4. In case of cancellation/refund, actual payment received in INR will be refunded as per terms and conditions.

  • Note: Any cancellation must be advised immediately by Fax/E-mail and subsequently confirmed by letter to the IRCTC corporate Office, New Delhi. Cancellation charges would be applicable as per the terms and conditions of the specific tour products & services.


IRCTC reserves the right to determine the amount of refund value in case of train cancellation and amendments at the behest of IRCTC. The decision on the quantum of refund will be final as that made by IRCTC.

1) Charter Booking:

The train is also available for special charters on either scheduled routes or specially tailored routes in the Buddhist Circuit whereby a separate price will be quoted, as per specific requirements and subject to following terms and conditions:

  • Charter means booking of full train with a standard composition of Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train.
  • Minimum 100 passengers or actual booked passengers whichever is higher will be charged as per the applicable rate.
  • FOC will be as per norms (15 Paid Adults + 1 FOC ).
  • Charter booking may be permitted at discretion of IRCTC subject to the approval of Railways at an agreed rate.
  • Commission for the charter bookings will be as per the PSA slab.

2) No show/en route termination of tour/amendment:

  • In case of No Show/non-arrival of the guest, no Refund/adjustment in future travel will be admissible.
  • En route termination of tour: In case of termination of tour by the guest, no refund/adjustment for future travel will be made.
  • Amendment: is admissible only during the serious health problems (supported by Doctor Certificate) and is entirely at discretion of IRCTC and further subject to availability of the seats. No refunds are permissible. Every case will be decided on merit and case-to-case basis. No amendment is permissible in case of booking of groups or full train booking or charters.
  • One time Name Change OR Date Change is allowed 30 Days prior to the date of departure (excluding the date of departure ).


In the event of any unforeseen event or condition not reasonably within the control of the affected Party during the currency of agreement which includes but not limited to Fire, Flood, Cyclone , Earthquake, explosion, war (declared or undeclared) acts of terrorism sabotage, embargoes, blockage, acts of Govt. Authorities, riots or any other cause beyond the control of the parties, the affected Party shall, within a week from commencement thereof, notify the same to other Party of the occurrence of the event with reasonable evidence thereof. In that eventuality, the parties shall not be liable for any loss or damages to the other party.