Bihar Tourism: Buddhist Circuit Travel in Bihar

Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda and Phalgu river are all essential places when it comes to Buddhism and Bihar Tourism. The two go hand in hand, and it is impossible to learn about one without learning about the other.

Buddhism had a significant impact on all three places as these cities have kept some of that culture intact. Tourists can explore these culturally rich places to make Buddhist travel in Bihar easy and fun.

Below are the must-visit tourist places in Bihar

Bodhgaya: A must visit tourist place in Bihar

According to legend Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree here. Usually, all pilgrims perform the rites which will appease their ancestors as per custom here. It rests their soul and seeks their blessings upon their descendants.

Below are the places to visit in Bodhgaya

Mahabodhi Temple: A Pillar of Bihar Tourism

Built on a square base of 15 meters is a slender pyramid that is 52 meters tall. It has other smaller pyramid-shaped structures which are viewed as a collective from a distance. Moreover, it is made entirely of bricks. There is a 1700-year-old Idol of Lord Buddha inside in the same reflective posture in which Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 2002 protecting all its artifacts and is one of the most revered tourist places in Bihar.

Bodhi Tree

Bodhi Tree is a significant milestone of Buddhist Travel in Bihar. It is in the same place where the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment was. There are a lotus pond and several ancient stupas which were erected when Lord Buddha spent seven weeks here. A particular path surrounded by lotuses commemorates his meditational journey and goes by the name Jewel Walk.

Rajgir: A must-see destination for Buddhist Travel in Bihar

Buddhist travel in Bihar is incomplete without visiting Rajgir. It is one of the favorite tourist places in Bihar. It is 60 km to the south-east of Patna and is strewn with both Hindu and Jain Temples along with Muslim Tombs, rock-cut caves, forts, ruins and shell inscriptions. According to legend Buddha won the people of Rajgir and royals of Magadh empire with his grace and humility which soon converted them to his religion.

Below are the places to visit in Rajgir

Bimbisara Jail

King Bimbisara was ruling Magadh. However, when Buddha entered Rajgir, he left such a significant impact on the king that he soon converted to Buddhism and used to listen to Buddha more than anyone. This angered his son Ajatshatru, and along with Devdutta they conspired against the king and put him in Prison. Bimbisara Jail is situated on the hilltop from where you can see the whole town and is an epoch of Bihar Tourism.

Gridhakuta Hills

Buddha was very fond of the Gridhakuta Hills which are shaped like a sitting vulture. He used to spread to his disciples here for three continuous months of the rainy season every year. Next to his preaching spot is a large stupa constructed by the Buddha Sangh of Japan which takes it a level further on the Buddhist circuit in Bihar.

Venuvana Monastery

Venuvana Monastery was presented to Buddha by King Bimbisara while he was ruling. He was so impressed with Buddha’s preachings and wisdom that he wanted everyone in the town to become his disciple. It is composed of bamboo groves with a shrine as the central place for teaching.


Nalanda was the hub of Buddhist knowledge. All the wisdom Buddhism had to offer was organized and stored in this vast place where Buddhist disciples came from all over the world. The name Nalanda translates to Insatiable in giving and is an integral part of Bihar tourism.

Below are the must-see places in Nalanda :

Nalanda Ruins

Nalanda Ruins remind us of one of the most significant civilizations that existed. The Nalanda University was an architectural masterpiece as it had great place dormitories, groves, individual rooms, kitchen and platforms to preach. They were destroyed by a Turkish barbarian who despised Buddhism, and it’s learnings.

Nalanda Archaeological Site

The artifacts and curious tourists find here are remarkable and exciting. They were carved from the precious metals of their time and with impeccable craftsmanship too. There also is a lot of history that one can learn upon examining scriptures, painting, and sculptures here.

Nalanda International University

Although a far cry from the large university built by Buddhists in their heyday the Nalanda university is slowly gaining ground and with the base of the structure still their plans are being made by the government to revive it. Currently, three schools have been established a school of historical studies, School of Ecology and Environmental Studies, School of Buddhist studies, philosophy and comparative religion.

Phalgu River: A Sacred Sight for Buddhist Circuit in Bihar

The IRCTC Buddhist train helps you explore the Phalgu or Niranjana river which was used by Buddha to prove his divinity. A woman challenged Buddha when he was meditating by the river bank to show he is not an ordinary man. She gave him a golden bowl and said that the bowl was thrown my buddha’s go upstream while those by commoners go downstream. When Buddha finally tossed it the pot went upstream, and he gained a considerable following.