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IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train brings you the incredible experience of visiting some of India’s most revered Buddhist sites. Travel with us on an unforgettable journey to explore these sacred sites’ rich culture and spiritualism.

It is an exciting opportunity for Buddhists and travelers alike to visit some of the most iconic and sacred sites along India’s Buddhist trail, including the Varanasi Buddha place, Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, and Nalanda. The 8-day journey is a fully immersive experience of the Buddhist culture.

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Our tour allows travelers to get closer to Buddhism than ever before. Immerse yourself in the calming vibes, experience inner peace, and get inspired by this ancient wisdom.

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Varanasi Buddhist tour

IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Train takes you to the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi, also known as Kashi and Banaras. According to Legend, Buddha set the wheel of dharma in motion here by giving his first sermon.

Here, you can learn about his teachings as well as admire the stunning architecture from centuries ago. You will be able to witness incredible monuments that tell stories from thousands of years ago; visit holy shrines which have been visited by millions over generations; listen to monks chanting mantras that fill your soul with peace & tranquillity; taste delicious local cuisine made using traditional recipes passed down for generations and meet friendly locals who are more than happy share their culture & knowledge about Buddhism with you! 

Varanasi Buddha Palace Travel also takes you to various places in Varanasi, where you can tour one of India’s most renowned temples dedicated to Lord Buddha himself!

Some of the places you can visit on your Varanasi Buddhist Travel Tour:

The Tibetan Temple in Varanasi is one of the main attractions of this Varanasi Buddhist tour. Here you can view beautiful sculptures and murals depicting stories from Buddha’s life and other vital events in Buddhist history. You will also have the chance to meditate with monks in their traditional prayer hall, allowing you to gain insight into their spiritual practice while gaining inner peace.

Another highlight on this tour is Chaukhandi Stupa, built by Emperor Ashoka around 250 BCE during his time ruling over northern India’s Mauryan Empire; it stands today as a reminder of his commitment to spreading Buddhism throughout Asia during that era.

The nearby Ashoka Pillar also offers visitors an exciting perspective on how these two influential figures interacted with each other when they were alive centuries ago - making it both historically significant yet spiritually moving at once! 

 Lastly, the Thai Temple gives tourists another chance to appreciate artistry from different cultures by admiring its intricate carvings depicting scenes from various Hindu epics like Ramayana or Mahabharata, along with iconic images such as Lord Ganesha or Lord Shiva. It truly makes for an awe-inspiring sight!

All these places offer something special for those who go there: whether it be learning more about Buddhism through meditation sessions at the Tibetan temple, appreciating historical monuments like Chaukhandi Stupa & Ashoka Pillar, or simply taking pleasure in viewing artistic works inside the Thai temple – all makeup part what makes exploring Varanasi so rewarding! So why not take advantage now before your next vacation comes around?

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The route consists of Nepal and India where Buddhism took root and thrived. The train offers a journey of 8 days to Varanasi Buddha place, Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, and Nalanda where tourists get to learn the Teachings of Buddhism.

IRCTC has provided many facilities aboard the Buddhist circuit Train. The facilities include;

  • Fully AC Train
  • CCTV Cameras on the train
  • Security Guard in each coach
  • Mini Library
  • On-board Hygienic Kitchen
  • 2 Fine Dine On-board Restaurants
  • Foot Massager with Sofa
  • Separate Sitting Area
  • Fully equipped Bathrooms

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The holy city of Varanasi has a lot to offer. There are many dams near the river with stair steps on which pilgrims perform many rituals included in Varanasi Buddhist Tour and Travel. Famous among them is the ritual of bathing in the water to absolve oneself of one’s sins. Most Hindus believe that dying in this city will emancipate them from the cycle of life. All the ghats are covered

Varanasi Buddha Palace Travel also takes you to various forts and temples with open courtyards and picturesque pavilions.