Mahaparinirvan Express is a famous IRCTC Buddhist tourist train which got its name from Buddha’s final explanation of his teachings the Mahaparinirvana Sutra. It takes passengers on a journey which teaches them and helps them embrace both the roots and learning of Buddhism.

It came into existence by modifying the carriages of an Air-Conditioned Rajdhani Express sleeper train. It offers three different classes of travel: first class, two-tier and three-tier. Drinking water and tea are available in short intervals free of charge with a world-class kitchen to sate your hunger pangs with sumptuous food.

Mahaparinirvan Express: Accommodation

The train stops at specific destinations where hotel rooms are available to passengers. They are only for a limited them and passengers must not expect to do anything other than wash and change.

Mahaparinirvan Express: Cabins

Mahaparinirvan Special Train offers three types of cabins. One is the cabin with one lower and one upper sleeper berth with sliding door that can be locked from inside and the second is a cabin with both lower berths with a sliding door that can be locked from the inside.

But these are merely cabins to know how they are put together in the train coaches read below :

The tare 2nd Sleeper, 1st AC Sleeper and 1st AC Sleeper in the Mahaparinirvan express.

Mahaparinirvan Express: 2nd AC Sleeper

In the 2nd AC Sleeper, there are curtains available for limited privacy. Two lower and two upper berths are on the inside, and one lower and one upper berth are on the outside.

Mahaparinirvan Express: 1st AC Sleeper

In this cabin of Mahaparinirvan Express, there are two lower berths and two upper berths with a sliding door that can be locked from the inside.

Mahaparinirvan Express: 1st AC Sleeper Exclusive Cabin

There are limited seats on offer with one lower and one upper berth with a sliding door that can be locked from the inside.

Mahaparinirvan Express: Tour Itinerary

Mahaparinirvan Special Train departs from Safdarjung Railway Station after the staff has ensured that all passengers on board are seated. Tea and dinner are served on board. It arrives at Gaya in the morning where tourist can visit temples, stupas, monasteries and other foundations of Buddhist culture. Mahabodhi temple and Niranjana rivers are not to be missed, a brief stay in the hotel is provided at night along with dinner. The Mahaparinirvan Special Train then heads to Rajgir and Nalanda to explore monuments which tell a story of greed, humility, self-learning and redemption. Bimbisara Jail, Gridhakuta Hill, Venuvan, Nalanda Ruins and University have so much history and artifacts that teach lessons about Buddhism which one cannot miss. Dinner and overnight stay are on board when the train departs for Kushinagar where Buddha preached his first sermon and guided disciples who converted his sayings into scriptures and inscriptions. Mahaparinirvan temple, Rambhar Stupa, Mata Kutir Temple are all places which give off a peaceful vibe that makes one embrace the calming spirit of Buddhism. Dinner and tea are provided on board as the train departs for Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini. Lunch is organized in the hotel after which the guide will take you to Maya Devi Temple, Ashokan Pillar and Pushkarini lake for a fantastic time. Mahaparinirvan express will take you near the town of Sravasti to Gonda railway station from where you can take the bus to the hotel for breakfast and some wash and change time. The city has preserved the teachings of Buddhism, and it is evident in the way of life, Jetvan vihar, Pakki Kuti and Sehat Maher Thai Temple are the prime destinations which embody the ascetic nature of Buddhist life and have stupas, inscriptions and artifacts for tourists to marvel. After exploring Sravasti have dinner on board as the train heads to Agra to explore the magnificent Taj Mahal and the iconic Agra fort before heading back to Delhi.

Mahaparinirvan Express: Fare

Mahaparinirvan Express fare is not at all expensive considering the number of destination it covers along with the tour guide it offers to make people aware of the information they won’t be privy to by themselves. The Mahaparinirvan Express Fare includes monuments entrance fees and the sightseeing organized in AC buses. Below are the fares according to classes:

Per person InFor Indian National For Foreign National
2nd AC Sleeper
(No Privacy)
62,800 rupees945 dollars
1st AC Sleeper
(3 other people)
76,800 rupees 1155 dollars