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Shravasti is an ancient kingdom located in the Ganges plains in ancient India and is sacred to Buddhists worldwide. Shravasti is also known as the Twin Miracle place where Lord Buddha showed his miraculous abilities to perform miracles. Shravasti is believed to be one of the six largest cities in ancient India during the lifetime of Gautama Buddha. Shravasti is closely associated with the life of Gautama Buddha because it is where Lord Buddha surprised the unbelievers with his manifestation a million times, sitting on a thousand-petalled lotus and emitting fire and water from his body. It is also believed that Gautama Buddha spends 24 Chaturmases at Shravasti. It is also an important center for the believers of the Jain religion, as the Sobhanath Temple is believed to be the birthplace of the Tirthankara Sambhavanath of Jainism.

Shravasti Buddhist Tour

Gautama Buddha spent most of his monastic life in Shravasti. Gautama Buddha first visited Shravasti at the invitation of Anathapindika. The main Shravasti monasteries are Jetavana and Popparama. King Pasenadi commissioned the building of the famous Shravasti monastery, Rajakarama Monastery, which is the exact opposite of Jetavana. Out of the four Nikayas of Buddhism, about 871 suttas were preached at Shravasti. About 844 suttas were preached at Jetavana Monastery, 23 at Poparama Monastery, and the remaining 4 were preached in the suburbs of Shravasti. Thus, Shravasti Buddha Tour became the place where Lord Buddha taught the most significant number of suttas.

Shravasti - Eight important pilgrimage sites

Lord Buddha spent most of his monastic life in and around the Gangetic Plains in northern India and southern Nepal. Therefore, these places are considered to be the most important as these places witnessed some great events of Lord Buddha. Thus, four sites are the worthiest pilgrimage for Buddhist followers. Gautama Buddha is said to have identified these four sites as the worthiest and these sites are called the four most important pilgrimage sites. They are Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, and Kushinagar. But in later Buddhist traditions, four other sites were given special status as these sites witnessed some miracles from Lord Buddha. Therefore, these eight sites are known as the "Eight Great Places" or Atta Mahathanani.

Buddhist Circuit Shravasti Travel Places

Shravasti is a popular pilgrimage site among Buddhists and Jains. Shravasti is also very popular among history and archaeology buffs, which makes it a much-visited tourist spot.

Sahet - Mahet

The ancient city of Shravasti is today a group of ruins called Sahet - Mahet. This twin name is put into two distinct groups of remains.

Sahet used to be the site of the famous Buddhist monastery known as Jetavana Monastery. The place is home to several ancient shrines, stupas, and monasteries that are spread over an area of 32 acres. Lord Buddha passes 19 of 45 vases of his life here.

Mahet, which extends over an area of 400 acres, has been identified from the remains of the city of Shravasti. Excavations have unearthed massive gates, ramparts, and many remains of the ancient city, which speak volumes about the prosperity of Shravasti.

The Angulimala Stupa or Pakki Kutti has an interesting Buddhist legend associated with it. Legend has it that Angulimala was a feared thief of the region who used to put his victims’ severed fingers around his neck on a necklace. One day, he was about to kill his mother in a fit of rage when Lord Buddha met him. His words converted Angulimala, who decided to follow the path of Buddhism and peace.


Shravasti is a popular pilgrimage site among Buddhists and Jains. It is an eight important pilgrimage site and Lord buddha spent most of his monastic life here. Shravasti is also very popular among history and archaeology buffs, which makes it a much-visited tourist spot.

Mayadevi Temple marks the birthplace of Buddha. It is located in Lumbini, Nepal. It is surrounded by a sacred pool on one side and a holy garden on the other side. Inside the temple is a stone with the characters of Buddha’s name engraved and paintings depicting his birth.

Yes, Jetavana Monastery was a crucial part of Lord Buddha’s life as he passes 19 of 45 vases here. It has small stupas, lord buddha’s hut gandhakuti, and anandabodhi tree for meditation respecting and preserving Buddhist pilgrimage in India

The perfect time to visit Shravasti is during the winter season when the weather is suitable for the day excursion and sightseeing tour.

Shravasti is situated in the northeastern Uttar Pradesh district and near River Rapti. It is closely related to the life of Lord Buddha. It is one of the main sites for the Buddhist pilgrimage and Jain Pilgrimage. It is said that the mythological king Sravast founded this town.