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A Journey filled with spiritual awakening
If you are looking for a spiritual journey, then IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Train Delhi to Lumbini tour package is a perfect choice. Whether you are looking for spiritual enlightenment or just want to explore some awe-inspiring structures, going on this Buddhist Lumbini pilgrimage is an experience like no other.

Experience India’s diverse beauty

From breathtaking mountains to lush green valleys, Lumbini Tourism Tour offers you a chance to explore the diverse beauty. You can take in all the sights and sounds that this country has to offer at an affordable price.

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The IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train team is committed to providing you with an absolutely delightful experience and taking care of all your needs during travels. You will be mesmerized by our attention-to-detail services!

Lumbini Tourism

Soak up the tranquil atmosphere as you visit Lumbini. The city that is synonymous with peace is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage site in Kapilvastu, Nepal. It is the holy place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam. It is one of Nepal's most visited heritage sites, with prominent historical significance. The city draws thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

Lumbini is now one of the world's most important pilgrimage sites, with over thirty international Buddhist monasteries and Buddhism meditation centers. (Source:https://lumbinidevtrust.gov.np/en/lumbini/content/109/27/3) Ashoka, the Indian ruler, was among the pilgrims who visited the site and erected one of the commemorative pillars, the “Ashokan Pillar”.

Get ready to feel nirvana as you step into Buddha's beautiful land.

Lumbini Tourist Places

Lumbini, the spiritual site, has a lot to offer. You can visit Buddhist pilgrimage sites, learn about ancient history, and explore several monasteries designed by various countries. Some of the places you can visit on your Buddhist Circuit Lumbini Tourism Tour are;

Mayadevi Temple

Lumbini's main tourist attraction is the Maya Devi temple. It is the main temple in Lumbini and is widely regarded as Gautama Buddha's birthplace. It is a place where the newly-born Buddha took his first seven steps and delivered a message of peace & humanity. The temple is right next to the Pushkarini sacred pool and a sacred garden.

Maya Devi took a break in the shade of a Bodhi tree while traveling. She went into labor there and took a ritual dip in the nearby pond. It was also here that Lord Buddha took his first bath. The temple is a white structure that contains a marker stone that marks the exact location of Buddha's birth. This site's archaeological remains date back to the time of Ashoka, around the third century BC.

Ashokan Pillar

The 6 m tall Ashoka pillar is another noteworthy landmark in Lumbini. It is a 3rd Century stone pillar constructed during the reign of Emperor Ashoka. Ashoka built the pillar as a mark of respect after visiting Lord Buddha's birthplace and accepting Buddhism. The pillar has become a significant tourist attraction in the country. The pillar is housed within the serene Maya Devi temple. There is a small fence surrounding the pillar, which is decorated with colorful prayer flags.


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Buddhist Circuit Train offers an 8-day journey to various places in India and Nepal. The train starts from New Delhi and then takes you to Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Varanasi, Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sravasti, and Agra.

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Siddhartha Gautama, the Lord Buddha, was born in Lumbini's famous gardens in Nepal which is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. The Buddhist Circuit tourist train takes you on Lumbini travels tour to help you experience the legendary life of Lord Buddha.

The months of October and November are ideal for visiting Lumbini. You can visit it during April and May also as the months coincide with Buddha Jayanti when the town comes alive. The birth of Lord Buddha is celebrated in grand style. Buddhists from all over the world, particularly from India and Nepal, come to celebrate this festival.