Follow The Buddha's Path of Wisdom: Travel For Enlightenment with IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

Undertake a transformative journey with the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Buddhism, tracing the footsteps of Gautama Buddha and uncovering the profound teachings that echo through time. This spiritual quest is not merely a physical voyage but an exploration of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Discover Buddha's Life!

The Buddhist Circuit offers a unique opportunity to explore the sacred sites associated with Gautama Buddha. From the serenity of Buddha's Monastery to the vibrancy of Buddha's Festival and the sanctity of Buddha's Birthday, each destination holds a piece of history and a gateway to personal growth.

Sacred Destionations Of Buddhist Circuit Tour

In a world that rarely slows down, these sacred places become havens of tranquility, providing a respite for your mind, body, and soul. The journey promises not only a historical excursion but a rejuvenation of your energy, offering a fresh perspective on life that is often elusive in our fast-paced existence.

Steps to Book Journey For Enlightenment

Booking on this spiritual odyssey is simple. Follow these steps to schedule your trip aboard IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train:

Self-Development Through Reflection

Beyond the physical journey, the Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train invites you to hop on a voyage of self-development. Each destination becomes a canvas for reflection, allowing you to delve into the teachings of Shakyamuni and incorporate them into your life. Mindfulness, compassion, and the Middle Path serve as guiding principles for personal growth.

This transformative experience transcends the boundaries of time and space. As you traverse the significant Buddhist places, you simultaneously navigate the inner landscape of your mind, fostering self-awareness and enlightenment. The journey aboard IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is not just a travel itinerary; it is a profound exploration of the self.

Travel for Enlightenment Today!

Follow the Buddha's Path of Wisdom, unravel the secrets of Buddha's Life, immerse yourself in the tranquility of Buddha's Monastery, and celebrate the spirit of Buddha's Festival and Birthday. Join us on a pilgrimage that goes beyond destinations—it is a pilgrimage of the soul.

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The IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train is a unique journey that takes you to significant Buddhist places associated with Gautama Buddha. It offers a blend of historical exploration and spiritual reflection.

The train tour starts from Delhi and takes you to Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sravasti and Agra.

Visit and click on the 'Book Now' button. Choose your boarding and deboarding stations, tour date, class, and the number of guests. Review fare details, check seat availability, sign in or sign up, confirm your details, make the payment, and receive package details via email.

Currently, IRCTC accepts payments in Indian Rupees (INR) and US dollars. Choose the currency that suits you best during the booking process.

Yes, the tour comes with knowledgeable guides who provide insights into the historical and spiritual significance of each destination, enhancing your overall experience.

The amenities aboard the train include deluxe accommodations, bathrooms with all facilities, 2 fine dining restaurants, a foot massager, a separate sitting area, a mini library, and security.